In-house Foundation / Shoring / Retaining Wall Design

Sheet Piling is used as a retaining wall system, it comprises of uniformed steel sheets that are overlapped. These systems are used for flood effected sites, docks, jetties bridge abutments or a temporary retaining system.

Sheet piling maintains soil, using steel sheets with interlocking edges. 

The interlocked sheet piles form a barrier for permanent or temporary sideways earth support with decreased groundwater inflow. Anchors or internal bracing can be fitted to supply extra lateral support if needed.


Sheet pile use cases

Below grade parking structures

Construction of cofferdams

seawalls and bulkheads

create barriers


WHY USE sheet piles


Australian Piling Group Pty Ltd provides a wide range of services with various machinery, our quality systems main objectives are to be specific and committed to ensuring high quality of service and product.

A highly recommended implementation to our piling rigs is the addition of a computer based monitoring system, “drilling mate system”. These systems provide our project mangers a back to base real time analysis of efficiency and progress.

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