Kemps Creek Warehouse Project


Kemps Creek, NSW 2178

Services Provided

Drill, Supply and installation of Bored Piles

1500 dia, 900 dia

Client Name

Azzuri Concrete

Project Date

August 2020

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APG was contracted by Azzurri Concrete to construct the piles for a new warehouse. ​

​Spanning over 200,000 square metres, Australia’s first multi-level warehouse spans over 30,000m2 of site area, supported by over 19m deep foundation piles. ​

​Construction of the robotics fulfilment centre and the advanced storage and distribution facility is expected to create 1,500 warehouse jobs, in addition to 700 jobs during the construction phase. ​

​The finished warehouse will be roughly the size of Taronga Zoo. It was an exciting opportunity to be a part of this project with Azzurri Concrete!

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